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Animation Story Telling 5-Weeks

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In this 5-week program, presented in partnership with Wonder Media, students will be guided through the process of writing and revising a story, recording their own voices, and working with Story Maker® producers to bring one story to life in animation. Students will be taught creative strategies in live sessions and participate with producers in detailed writing workshops, weekly collaboration, and constructive feedback.

Additional Information

  • Duration 5-week program
  • Final Project
  • 4th-8th Graders
  • Working Computer / Laptop is required

About your Instructors

Story Maker® was created by Terry Thoren, the former CEO of Klasky Csupo, Inc, the animation studio that incubated the Simpsons and created Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys. Today he is the CEO of Wonder Media and manages a global production team producing cause-related animated stories viewed by more than a billion people worldwide. He designed Story Maker® to give all students equitable access to the skills necessary to create shareable animation stories. Story Maker® features a digital library with dozens of animated characters and thousands of animation assets that will help students integrate project-based learning into any area of learning.

Sandra Fernandez has been educating, motivating, and inspiring students with Story Maker® on a full-time basis online and in classrooms at the Lancaster School District for the past two years. As a Wonder Media “Visiting Artist”, she educates and trains students and teachers on how to work with professional filmmaking and animation programs to bring their stories to life. She also performs the role of Story Maker® Lite filmmaker to create original video animations from student scripts and storyboards. With ten years of teaching experience, Sandra has always had a passion for learning and self-exploration through art and literature. As a self-taught artist, writer, and bookworm, her life goal is to encourage creativity in the hearts of students as well as adults. In her spare time, catch her editing and publishing for her sustainable publication–Intercultural Press, or exploring and hiking the great outdoors.

Sandra Brace joined the Story Maker ® team in 2017 as director of education partnerships with 25 years of classroom and performing arts teaching experience; including specializations in habits of mind and special education. Sandra helped develop the Story Maker ® Guidebooks, lesson, and learning plans, and created learning tools and assessments tailored to the needs of the diverse Story Maker ® community—with a focus on fun! Sandra has shared that joy with storytellers all over the U.S., training classroom teachers and students. Connecting her love for both performing and literary arts education with the Story Maker ® vision and team feels like icing on the career cake for Sandra—with an extra helping of joy, please!

Jason Richards is one of the creators of Story Maker® and has been educating students and teachers with animation storytelling for 6 years. He originated the Story Maker ® “Visiting Artist” program and has made appearances in more than 3000 classrooms. Inspiring students through interactive career education, cutting-edge technology, and a deep knowledge of inventional history that engages students beyond the words in their textbooks. Jason fills the role of Technology Director for Wonder Media where he shapes the technology landscape for an academy award-nominated animation studio and brings that experience to the classroom with students. His love for education started by leading children to love and respect nature through backpacking excursions and exercises of self-reliance.  Find Jason slaying dragons in tabletop RPGs, designing and building aircraft, or off the grid developing students’ skills in wilderness survival.

Mike Barker has been educating students and teachers with Story Maker ® for 5 years. He is a seasoned Story Maker® “Visiting Artist” and has made appearances in more than 2000 classrooms. He is the Lead Website Developer for the Story Maker® website and is passionate about creating resources to motivate students to create engaging scripts. He grew up surrounded by cartoons and animations which shaped his love and passion for film and storytelling. After graduating with a degree in Computer Sciences he decided to bring his unique skill set to Wonder Media to bring animations and storytelling into the classroom. Mike has been working tirelessly to adapt and perfect the Story Maker® curriculum so any student can effortlessly convert their ideas into shareable animations.

Terry Thoren
Jason Richards
Mike Barker
Sandra Fernandez
Sandra Brace
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