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Scratch: Game Development 201

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Do you have experience with Scratch, the block-based programming language developed by MIT? If so, then this Scratch program might be for you. In this program, we’ll dive into more advanced features in Scratch, including custom blocks, lists, and functions. And you’ll also build cool games!

You will need a working Laptop or Computer. It can be helpful to have a iPad or Android Tablet to install Scratch Junior App on the iPad or Android Tablet before the class, and then join Zoom from your computer or laptop.

Please note that Chromebook does not support Scratch.

Additional Information

● Grades K-3; 3-5; 6-8
● Program Length: 5 sessions (60 minutes)
● Need Computer or Laptop
● Scratch does not support Chromebooks

About the Instructor

Hi there! My name is Lamont Dobbins and I love coding. The possibilities with the skill are endless. I study computer science in college and have been teaching coding for 5 years. Let’s code!

Hello, my name is Charity Sphar. I live in Ohio and have taught middle school for 7 years. Where my passion comes from is the joy of seeing those sparks of excitement. When students reach the level of understanding that allows them to grow, it warms my heart. A lot of times we are all learning together, which makes what I do exciting. Come and join me and many other passionate students to learn and explore!

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