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Mobile Coding for Apps and Games

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Learn how to code mobile apps in small, live group sessions. This class uses Thunkable, a block based programming platform for professionals. It is easy to use, yet very powerful, and is used by many to develop commercial applications. Some key things student will learn about mobile programming are:
– Learn all about the design layout and UI of mobile applications.
– Enable various UI elements for display information, data inputs, and event handling.
– Use different mobile features such as device sensors, touch screen, gyroscope, camera, and more.
– Build projects and fun games that involve image recognition, popular use cases, and fun activities.
– Create complex applications that involve networking and multi-user apps!
– Learn advanced cloud computing concepts such as cloud variables, cloud storage of image data, Airtable, Firebase, and authentication.

After taking this class, your child will be comfortable building a wide range of mobile games and apps, and can apply them to various school projects, science challenges and competitions, and even build a simple app for a real business. A great competition to participate in after this class is the Congressional App Challenge held by the US Congress every year.

Additional Information

● Grades 5 – 10
● Program Length: 12 sessions (60 min per session)
● Need Computer – Windows, MAC, or Chromebook
● Prior Scratch type of block based coding experience is required
● #coding #mobile #thunkable #design


About the Instructor

This course is offered in partnership with Create & Learn. Founded by tech experts, Create & Learn is an award-winning STEM program with the mission of providing top quality Computer Science education to students in K-12. All of our classes are held live online and are taught by experienced teachers. With more than 35 courses, our curriculum covers a rich set of topics such as coding, AI, Robotics, Digital Design, and Cloud Computing.

● We are the only 5 stars rated kids computer science program at scale and have served 10s of thousands of students worldwide in the last several years.
● Won the Facebook (Meta) Engineer for the Week Impact award twice in a row
● Featured by Minecraft Education and Roblox Education
● Voted by ActivityHero (2021, 2022) and Hulafrog (2021, 2022) as Parents’ Favorites.
● Our curriculum was designed by tech experts from Google and other top tech companies, Code.org curriculum lead, and many experienced Computer Science teachers.

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