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Intro to Web Design with Wix

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This introductory course explores the basics of the Wix Editor and website design principles. With hundreds of stunning, customizable elements, students can experiment and explore many options to get a glimpse of how they could create their own website. Students get a taste of web design and all the options available to them.

Additional Information

● Grades 6-12
● Program Length: 1 session (60 min session)
● Need Computer or laptop

About the Instructor

Cammie Jeffrieshas a degree in Natural Sciences and an additional degree in Computer Science. She has six years of IT experience, as well as six years of experience in education. She is a nature photographer and loves spending time outdoors. Several of her hobbies include reading, acting, and playing video games. She is excited to show you how you can have an awesome time with Web Design!

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