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Intro to Turning Livestreaming into a Business

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In this free 60 minute intro session you’ll learn more about, and the difference between, our 101 and 201 Turning Live Streaming Into A Business courses, so you can decide which course is best for you.

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● Grades 9-12
● Program Length: 1 session (60 min session)
● Need Computer

About the Instructor

Husband, father to two amazing kids, gamer, creator, and charity driven. These are the five best (plus a few extra) words I would use to describe myself, my streams, and my content. When you come into my stream, you’ll be greeted by me generally sipping on some coffee and playing the latest and greatest story driven campaign, battle royale, and co-operative multiplayer.
You’ll be welcomed by an open, loving, inclusive community which I call La Familia. Though some of them are that weird Aunt or Uncle we all know.
One thing that separates me from most other creators is that I worked in the gaming industry for nearly a decade directly influencing IP creation, case studies, art direction, and creative development together with Microsoft Studios, The Coalition, Epic Games, Warner Brothers, and Saban, among others. This leads to a broader development and design discussion about the games I’m playing through with the community.
Lastly, fundraising for charity is near and dear to my heart. Whether it be St. Jude via PlayLive, GCX, or any number of the charity fundraisers I’ve signed up for, my community and I consistently go above and beyond and land on top of the leader boards for money raised.
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