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Intro to Story Telling

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In this introduction to story telling, presented in partnership with Wonder Media, students will get a taste of what the process looks like to bring a story to life through animation. Students will see behind the scenes of how previous students have brainstormed and written their own stories, recorded their own voices to tell the story, and then have worked with Story Maker® producers to bring their story to life in animation.

Additional Information

● Grades 4-8
● Program Length: 1 session (60 min session)
● Need Computer

About the Instructor

Story Maker® was created by Terry Thoren, the former CEO of Klasky Csupo, Inc, the animation studio that incubated the Simpsons and created Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys. Today he is the CEO of Wonder Media and manages a global production team producing cause-related animated stories viewed by more than a billion people worldwide. He designed Story Maker® to give all students equitable access to the skills necessary to create shareable
animation stories. Story Maker® features a digital library with dozens of animated characters and thousands of animation assets that will help students integrate project-based learning into any area of learning.

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