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Intermediate Web Design with Wix

10 weeks
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7 students
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What are the building blocks of a website? This program will focus on user experience design, and how this practice is used to plan, design, and create websites.

Students will explore the practices, tools, and mindsets needed to create impactful websites. Students can take inspiration from Wix’s professional design practices and cutting-edge theories to create websites that show off their ideas in compelling ways.

They’ll explore visual design elements like color, typography, composition, animation, and branding. Students will not only express and nurture their visual creativity but learn about how visual design can impact and enhance the projects and sites they want to create.

Additional Information

  • Program Begins week of September 12, 2022
  • Program Length: 10 weeks
  • Working Laptop and/or Computer
  • 8th-9th Graders
  • Website / Portfolio Addition

About the Instructor

Jenna loves making STEM subjects fun! She is an experienced math teacher and enjoys taking the subject and bringing it to students at all different levels of understanding. Jenna grew up in Oregon but currently lives in Utah. She loves animals, music, video games, and learning all sorts of new things.

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