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Discovering Digital Design

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In a world with millions of colors, how can we pick the right ones? How do we, as designers, use color to make others see what we want them to see? In this design class, we start with learning how to define and organize color, and how to combine colors to create moods, effects, understanding, and meaning. With exciting hands-on exercises in each session, we will explore how to apply colors in different contexts in the real world, from brand logos to paintings, and apps, games, websites, movies, product design, and more.

We then move on to learn essential skills to design effectively in two-dimensional design for screens and print. Students will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the designed world through discussions on design in the real world. They will also have many opportunities to practice using their design sense and visual thinking skills by designing their own projects and receiving feedback each session.

Join this creative class and make your design projects shine!

Additional Information

● Grades 5 – 10
● Program Length: 8 sessions (60 min per session)
● Need Computer – Windows, MAC, or Chromebook
● #art #digital design #canva

About the Instructor

This course is offered in partnership with Create & Learn. Founded by tech experts, Create & Learn is an award-winning STEM program with the mission of providing top quality Computer Science education to students in K-12. All of our classes are held live online and are taught by experienced teachers. With more than 35 courses, our curriculum covers a rich set of topics such as coding, AI, Robotics, Digital Design, and Cloud Computing.

● We are the only 5 stars rated kids computer science program at scale and have served 10s of thousands of students worldwide in the last several years.
● Won the Facebook (Meta) Engineer for the Week Impact award twice in a row
● Featured by Minecraft Education and Roblox Education
● Voted by ActivityHero (2021, 2022) and Hulafrog (2021, 2022) as Parents’ Favorites.
● Our curriculum was designed by tech experts from Google and other top tech companies, Code.org curriculum lead, and many experienced Computer Science teachers.

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