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3D and Immersive Experience/Game Design Continuation

5 weeks
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This 5-week program will review the basics of using a camera, while examining different photography techniques. Participants will be taught techniques through discussions and live session. Each week participants will learn to examine photos and techniques leading to self-ability to critique their own photos. All while creating a personal PowerPoint portfolio.

Additional Information

  • Begins week of October 24, 2022
  • Working Laptop and/or Computer
  • 6th-12th Graders
  • Final Project/Portfolio Addition

About the Instructor

Hello! I am Mrs. Boss. I teach special education in Indiana. I love working with kids, but as an amateur photographer, I love photography sometimes a little more. Photography is a big part of our lives. It visually documents our lives, culture, and world. I think without photography we would forget the reality of our world.

Although we can and could read about it, information is not the same with pictures. It connects us. Being able to discuss and teach photography is an experience I look forward to. I love being able to see what you bring to the table and how creative you can be! I can’t wait to see the amazing works you create during our time together!

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