13 Jan

Learn How to Build Games with Roblox Coding!

Have you ever wanted to build your own Roblox game? With Roblox game development on the rise, students are creating their very own games with Roblox!

Looking for a program that helps you explore the world of Roblox? Introducing Stride’s Roblox Starter: Development & Coding 6-week enrichment program that’s great for all levels of Roblox game developers. You’ll start with the basics of using Studio, and progress your way to an awesome obby! (That’s short for “obstacle course”!) You’ll also learn how to write actual scripts into your game using Lua, the official Roblox coding language.

Do you want a program that goes more in-depth? Stride’s Beginner Roblox Game Coding 12-week enrichment program, will give you the chance to build a total of six different games. Learn how to use many Roblox specific components, from using clones to create game objects, creating multiplayer games with leaderboards, and much more!

Not sure if you’ll like Roblox Coding? Try our free 30-minute Intro to Roblox Coding session to find out if Roblox Game Coding is right for you!

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