13 Aug

Get A Free Stride Enrichment Program Session

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something new? At Stride, we believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the world of creative expression, so we’re offering you a FREE introductory session for some of our select programs.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring playwriter, screenwriter, novelist, or are interested in being an engineer—or even if you’re just curious about what these fields entail—we’ve got something for you. Below is a list of our programs that are offering a complimentary intro session; click the title of the program to register for your session. 

Entrepreneurship: This free course will teach you everything from business basics and marketing strategies to social media marketing and digital marketing. You’ll learn how to set up your own business and market it online.

Playwriting: Our playwriting program is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to write a play but didn’t quite know where to start. You’ll learn about character development, plot structure and narrative arc, dialogue techniques, set design, and more in this class!

Screenwriting: If you’re interested in writing for film or television (or just want more practice with your writing), this is the class for you! We’ll introduce you to some of the most common conventions used in screenwriting today and help guide you through creating your own script from scratch.

Writing & Publishing Your Own Novel: With the Write a Novel enrichment program offered by Stride, which is open to teens and adults, you’ll experience in-depth creative writing workshops, weekly feedback, and the guidance and support you need to write a quality novel and help you achieve your literary dreams.

You may have thought about writing a novel before, or maybe even started one. But maybe you didn’t know where to start, or how to make it come together. Or maybe you just got overwhelmed with other things going on in your life. Whatever the reason is that has kept you from writing this story—we want to help!

CPR Training for Teens: This program equips students with the knowledge necessary to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, choking, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, students, and infants.

Introduction to Engineering Drawing Through Autodesk Tinkercad:  Learn the basics of creating 3-D solid models using Autodesk Tinkercad. You will create simple circuits by adding code blocks and building your own drawings. At the end of the program, you will make your own drawing as a final project in Tinkercad. There is a class set up in Tinkercad for you to access, create, and upload assignments. This is a fully hands-on course that meets weekly with the instructor.

Introduction To 3D and Immersive Experience/Game Design: This program explores how to produce 3D and immersive content. It provides a solid foundation for understanding what immersive media is, and students complete research and hands-on projects using the free-to-use, industry-standard Unity software to explore concepts in greater depth. Leave with an understanding of the basics of crafting quality immersive experiences and prepare yourself to take on more advanced studies.

Intermediate Web Design with Wix: This program focuses on user experience design, with students exploring the practices, tools, and mindsets needed to create impactful websites. Students can take inspiration from Wix’s professional design practices and cutting-edge theories to create websites that show off their ideas in compelling ways.

Advanced Web Design & Development with Wix: Wix allows students to skip the setup and go straight into the development of web tools and applications without having to use HTML or CSS. This program covers the basics of JavaScript, Velo – Wix’s coding language and platform, and project-based activities where students will explore topics such as sequencing, user interactions, loops, and variables.

Mobile App Development: Learn how to develop your skills in mobile app development and design, with access to a mobile app that can be deployed on an Apple or Android device. You can connect with peers to share your passion for this growing career field.

CPR Training for Adults: This program will equip you with the knowledge necessary for recognizing, treating, and preventing a variety of first aid emergencies involving adults, students, and infants. During our live sessions, you will watch videos and practice the process of CPR. You’ll also understand why CPR and first aid training are so important to learn. Most heart-related CPR is done in your home or with someone you know, so having the knowledge and being comfortable doing CPR can be lifesaving. 

Beginning From Behind the Lens: Learn all the basics of how to use your camera! You’ll get hands-on experience with three key settings (aperture, ISO, and shutter speed) and have the opportunity to create a personal PowerPoint portfolio by the end of the program.

From Behind the Lens and Beyond: Review the basics of using a camera, while examining different photography techniques. Every week, participants will learn to examine photos and techniques leading to self-ability to critique their own photos.

Introduction to Graphic Design: Learn design elements like colors, shapes, and images as well as skills to organize and convey information. You will use what you learn to create your own personal brand that you can use for your resume, portfolio, and more!