03 Feb

Bring Your Story to Life with Animation Story Telling

Everyone’s got a story to tell… So, why not bring your story to life with our Animation Story Telling Enrichment Programs?! In partnership with Wonder Media, students will be guided through the process of writing and revising a story, recording their own voices, and working with Story Maker® producers to bring one story to life in animation.

Students in grades 4-8 would be perfect for our Animation Story Telling program. With the option of either a 5-week or 10-week program length, students will be taught creative strategies in live sessions and participate with producers in detailed writing workshops, weekly collaboration, and constructive feedback.

Not sure if Animation Story Telling is right for you? Try our free 60-minute Intro to Story Telling session to get a taste of what the process looks like to bring a story to life through animation.

24 Jan

Learn How to Become a Podcaster with Our Podcaster Starter Course!

A microphone, a computer or laptop, and a passion for speaking, are all you will need to turn your podcasting dreams into reality! Explore the freedom of using your voice however YOU want. Podcasts can be about anything, or even nothing at all! According to Podcast Insights, “55% of the US population has listened to a podcast” and “50% of all US homes are podcast fans”.

The popularity of podcasting is on the rise, so, don’t wait! Take the first step to becoming a podcaster with our 6-week enrichment program Podcast Starter: Learn Where to Begin. Each week will take you one step closer as we discuss topic, format, equipment, editing, and costs you can avoid. This course is perfect for students in grades 6-12.

Unsure if this course is right for you? Take our free (60-minute) Intro to Becoming a Podcaster session to learn more about how you can start your own podcast.

About the Instructor

Learn from Heidi Higgins, from the Stride/K12 marketing team and the host of K12 On Learning, a weekly podcast geared to addressing parents, students, and teachers about online and hybrid learning, and the surrounding life it offers. Heidi used to travel the country and speak to families about local Stride K12 schooling opportunities. She would reach hundreds with her seminars and personal visits. Now, with podcasting, she can reach thousands without leaving home.

19 Sep

How to Become a Screenwriter

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a screenwriter? Do you want to tell stories and make people feel things? Are you a creative person who’s always been told “you should write a screenplay!” but have no idea where to start?

If so, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you! Our screenwriting enrichment program is designed to give students the tools they need to write and sell their own original scripts. We’re not just talking about learning how to write dialogue or create compelling characters—we’ll teach you everything from story structure to pitching your work in person.

In this program, you’ll be introduced to the exciting process of writing for the screen, where character, action, plot, and setting are key. You will explore the fundamental elements of screenwriting through writing exercises and weekly live virtual workshop sessions, and develop original ideas into a complete short screenplay through writing exercises. Final written screenplays can be included in your professional portfolios!

The program begins the week of October 24th, 2022, and ends on December 4th, 2022. It is a 5-week program that can be taken by 8th-12th graders working on a computer or laptop.

What are you waiting for?! Join our screenwriting program today!

14 Sep

From Behind the Lens & Beyond- Learn Photography Technique

The national photography competition has been so much fun, here at Stride we have loved seeing all your beautiful photos. If you love taking photos then our Behind the Lens & Beyond program is just what you need to grow with this skill. 

The next program in our photography series is starting soon, October 24, 2022! 

From Behind the Lens and Beyond is a 5-week program that will review the basics of using a camera and examine different photography techniques. Participants will be taught techniques through discussions and live sessions. Each week, participants will learn to examine photos and techniques leading to self-ability to critique their own photos. All while creating a personal PowerPoint portfolio.

The course is designed for beginners looking to get started with photography, as well as those who are more experienced but want an opportunity to learn more about different techniques in photography. The course includes live sessions where you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about your personal projects, as well as discuss your ideas with other students in real-time. You also get access to all recorded sessions so you can watch them again if needed! And at the end of each week, there are assignments for you to complete on your own time—these are designed so that you can continue practicing what you’ve learned throughout the week!

You’ve got a camera. You’re taking photos. Maybe you’re even thinking about how to take better photos. But how do you get the perfect shot? How do you know if your photos are any good? And how do you know how to improve them?

You’re not alone—this is a common problem for photographers at all levels of skill, whether they’re just starting out or have been shooting for years. That’s why we’ve created this program, perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use their digital camera better or just get started with photography! Click Here to Register. 

30 Aug

Challenge your artistic ability in our Audio/Video Production Program

We’re excited to announce our new Audio and Video Production program, which is the perfect opportunity for students to get their feet wet in the world of audio and video production.

This program, led by Emmett Van Slyke, will introduce students to the foundations of audio and video production through hands-on manipulation of the audio and video assets provided. This includes basic effects treatments and the beginnings of audio/video techniques employed in modern audio/video production using universally available freeware applications.

In this 5-week program, students will learn how to manipulate their own media assets in order to create their very own podcasts, music videos, radio shows, or even commercials! Students will be able to explore their creativity with a working computer/laptop by creating a final project that showcases their new skills!

The program begins the week of October 24, 2022, and lasts 5 weeks. It’s perfect for 6th-12th graders who want to get started in this exciting field! Register today, enrollment ends on September 6, 2022. 

More about Emmett Van Slyke: As a composer, Emmett has scored various feature-length films and shorts. His theatre compositions include Reflecting Poe, The Crucible – for which he received an ACTF Kennedy Center Award, Telling The Truth, for The National Whistle Blowers Symposium, Wolfskinder, and Gemini Vanishing with Moveink at the Sargent Theatre in NYC.

28 Aug

Exploring Your Passion for Graphic Design 

Do you have a passion for art and design? Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you looking for a new way to enhance your portfolio?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then our Introduction to Graphic Design is the perfect program for you! In this program, we will explore various design elements like colors, shapes, and images. We will also learn skills to organize and convey information. We will practice strengthening conceptual skills by creating our own personal brand that can be used on your resume or portfolio! You will learn how to create clean, effective products and graphics that can be used in any industry.

This program begins the week of September 12th, 2022. The program is 5 weeks long with one class per week. You’ll need a working laptop or computer for this class. You’ll be able to work on projects at home during your free time as well as during the class time. There will be a final project/portfolio addition at the end of the course where you will present your best designs from the course and present your personal brand.

Not only will this Graphic Design program teach you how to create graphics and products, but it will also help you develop a stronger understanding of who you are as a designer. By taking on projects that have real-world applications outside of school, you’ll be able to see how what you’re learning applies in the real world.

We are excited that you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey! Register today! The program closes for enrollment on September 6, 2022.