18 Aug

Are you ready to create your own website?

The Wix Editor is a free, intuitive tool that allows you to design, build, and publish your own unique responsive website. This introductory program explores the basics of Wix Editor and website design principles. The Wix Editor contains hundreds of stunning, customizable elements that students can experiment with and explore to create their own site.

In this five-week program, students will learn how to:

  • Choose and customize layout styles for their new site
  • Use text formatting options to add images, links, and even dropdown menus
  • Create custom headers and footers for their pages
  • Upload photos directly from their phones or laptops to their sites using the built-in photo editor
  • Link pages together using hyperlinks (both internal links within their own site as well as external links leading outside of it)

This program is offered in two different sessions.  Each session lasts five weeks, so students who complete both sessions will have more than enough time to create a fully functional and responsive personal website using all the tools they’ve learned over the duration of this program!

Session 1 Begins the week of September 12, 2022

Session 2 Begins the week of October 24, 2022

Registration for 8th-12th graders 

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